Kareena's father slaps E24 reporter, Ranbir's father pushes reporters

Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor's father Randhir Kapoor slapped E24 reporter Kamal Hasan Mandal without provocation. On the other hand Ranbir's father Rishi Kapoor was seen pushing reporters who were at RK Studios to cover the Ganpati Visarjan.     

This act of Kapoors has shocked the media. At every film promotion event Randhir refers to media as friend, while Rishi is known for his tweets, in which he often takes a high moral ground. The reality of the Kapoors is exactly the different, public has now realised.

Randhir later apologised saying "sorry". He said that the extra crowd had unnerved him      

Media present at the event is in a state of shock. Media persons fail to understand the provocation when they had not trespassed into Kapoor's property and were just covering a public event.