Ranveer calls male co-star 'sex panther'

New Delhi, Feb 16: If you recall correctly, the memorable romantic chemistry in Padmaavat was not between Deepika Padukone’s Rani Padmavati and Shahid Kapoor’s Maharawal Ratan Singh. It was between Ranveer Singh’s Alauddin Khilji and his slave Malik Kafur, played by Jim Sarbh.

According to a report in "The Hindustan Times", To substantiate our claims, we have solid proof. Ranveer and Jim’s chemistry is spilling out of the big screen and into real life. Jim posted a picture from the film on Tuesday and Ranveer had the best comment to post. “Sex panther,” he called him with a panther emoji. We do not know why that animal in particular but maybe it reminded him of Anchorman.

While Jim’s fans could not stop laughing at Ranveer’s comment, actor Radhika Apte also commented with a ‘wink’ emoji on the photo.

Jim’s performance in the film as the subservient Malik was widely appreciated by critics and audiences alike. He had earlier played the villain in Sonam Kapoor’s Neerja.

“In Padmaavat, you are pushed to be as good as the frame, to have a presence that lives up to the grand, operatic, intricate, beautiful frame that you inhabit. I love trying to rise to that. I heard that Sanjay Leela Bhansali has an eye for detail, and it shows in his work, but seeing it first hand is a powerful experience,” he said in a recent interview.

After Padmaavat, Jim will also be seen in Aditya Vikram Sengupta directorial Jonaki, a Bengali film. The film is about an 80-year-old woman, who goes into coma and recounts the time she spent with her lover -- played by Sarbh -- in her youth.