Ranveer Singh believes in Box Office Numbers!

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh, in his eight year career, has had 6 mega-bucks movies and has entertained us in a array of roles. 

Actors are often asked whether they regard critical acclaim or box office success as their barometer for success and recognition. Its often observed that sponty actors like box office success because it happens from instincts and methodical actors like critical acclaim because it helps them improve their craft (they are more bent towards learning rather and improving at their craft rather than getting a high from the numbers). 



However, a different brand of actors exists that believe that box office numbers are great predictors of your future in the industry. That its a must to be consistent for at-least a good 10 years with strong numbers and then you are the master of your destiny. 

Ranveer Singh is one to believe in numbers. "It feels amazing. As an entertainer, box office numbers are a validation that I am being able to entertain audiences and to me that's everything," Ranveer said in a statement. "My intention with every project has been to make audiences believe in the character that I have been given to portray on screen," said the actor. 

"Khilji was one of my toughest roles. Furthermore, the process of creating Khilji has been extremely rewarding. So, this success is incredibly special. The movie has gone onto earn 200 crores. 

Ranveer Singh has been the recipient of two Filmfare Awards and is also the projected winner for Best Actor this award season. In 2018, we can look ahead to more of him in the Kapil Dev Biopic by Kabir Khan and Gully Boy by Zoya Akhtar.