Rashtriya Sammelan: Patra, Babbar, Trivedi put forth their point of view

New Delhi, August 11, News24 Bureau: It's bound to be a powerhouse of strong and hot discussion when passionate spokesperson like Sambit Patra from BJP, suave and intelligent speaker like Dinesh Trivedi of TMC and forceful and articulate spokesperson like Raj Babbar from Congress come together and discuss on the policies, success and failures of government and bang on the door forcefully to  get a peep into the possibilities, combinations and other interesting aspects of General Elections 2018.The policies of the government and its promises will be under lens with the opposition members picking up holes, while the ruling party members and top ministers trying to defend the ruling establishment. With this initiative, News24 will help the nation to understand the psyche and plans of the political parties, and help them form an opinion before they vote in the next general elections. Viewers will get an opportunity to interact with the top leaders by tweeting their queries with Rashtriya Sammelan.  " This is just the start of the News24's elections related programming. More such conclaves will be held in future. The idea is that the political parties will spell out their priorities during Rashtriya Sammelan which will help people understand social, economic, cultural and political issues better and help them shape their opinion," said News24 Editor-in-Chief Anurradha Prasad.This certainly was one of the most interesting sessions of the Rashtriya Sammelan which started on a musical note. Here are the highlights of the session:-Congress has become untouchable today. Any party which inches towards Congress is bound to get ruined: Sambit Patra-Record of BJP is too bad in elections after the 2014 Lok Sabha Polls and this is a serious issue: Raj Babbar- Mamata Bannerji is a self-made politician. She was battered but this brave heart did not give up, she was always standing with her people and this is her strength: Dinesh Trivedi- You calculate the mathematics of coalition and we are working on the chemistry. It's our chemistry with the people which is seeing us through and therefore we stand to win: Sambit Patra- Why is BJP misleading the nation regarding the French government's reaction on Rafale Deal? French govt has responded on the technical aspect not on the money involved in the deal: Raj Babbar- We had a majority in Karnataka but we did not make a claim for making the government because we wanted to save the nation: Raj Babbar-Lynching is the new normal and the even the senior judges in the Supreme Court are pointing towards this: Dinesh Trivedi-When confronted with economic issues like jobs, farm distress..BJP will divert issues with talks of Hindu Muslim, India Pakistan: Dinesh Trivedi-There is no talk of PM candidate in the Opposition: Raj Babbar-My leader sleeps for three hours a day. Can anyone match his energy and commitment: Sambit Patra-Rahul Gandhi is not an individual, he is a thought, a passion: Raj Babbar