Regenexx facility to treat orthopaedic injuries opened in India

Hyderabad: Regenexx, a group of physicians based in US and Australia, on Tuesday, opened RegenOrthoSport Facility here, the first state-of-the-art facility in India for expanded stem cell procedure using up to date imaging and advanced interventional orthopaedic techniques to non-surgically repair and regenerate. Venkatesh Movva, Managing Director and an expert in Regenexx procedure told reporters that procedure is offered for the first time in India and in Asia. The regenerative science in stem cell orthopaedics is supported by a strong data, backed by research. It is an evidence based procedure and this became the catalyst for Movva, to pursue this medicine to help athletes and non-athletes to overcome early, mild, moderate ortho problems in a simple way to avoid surgery, he said. Talking about the procedure to treat orthopaedic injuries using patients' own stem cells, he termed it as revolutionary. "We have seen tremendous clinical applications since last 10 years using stem cells to treat various orthopaedic conditions. There are immense possibilities what human bodies can do in regenerative capabilities," he said. Over 40,000 procedures have been performed using Regenexx regenerative science since 2006.