Reliance Industries' annual general meeting 'before September'

Mumbai: Having already declared the final dividend for 2015-16 and the details of its upcoming plans well spelt out, Reliance Industries will hold its Annual General Meeting in September, the company said in a statement. The company, which had as many as 2.64 million shareholders as on March 31 this year, was usually holding its Annual General Meeting in June at the Birla Matoshri Sabhagar auditorium here -- that has also always been a packed event. "The AGM is being planned to be held prior to the middle of September which is the time stipulated under the regulation. The notice for the meeting, including the detailed annual report, is in any case required to be sent 21 days before the meeting," a spokesperson said.  "The shareholders have received the full dividend for the year FY16 (2015-16), which is three months earlier than in previous years. The media release at the end of the FY16 has all the relevant business and financial highlights and a detailed presentation in available on our Web site," the spokesperson said.