Remembering Rajesh Khanna: The first superstar of cinema

Trisha Malhotra, New Delhi: This legend has redefined immortality by his magnificent acting skills. Always rising high with continuous blockbusters, he chose his way from being a Bollywood actor to producer, he was indeed a fine layered man after appearing in near about 180 films.

Remembering Rajesh Khanna today on his 5th death anniversary, one can only look back to his sheer essence in the film industry which surely seems to linger till today.

Making his debut in the Hindi films in the year 1965, he had made his mark in no time, redefining cinema in his own way. No one till today can match the work and his rare charisma which the actor had out shown in the late 1900’s, keeping his record unbroken till today. Winner of the Filmfare Award for Best Actor three times, he has been defined as the 'First Superstar' of Indian cinema.

His name itself remains a synonym with perfection. Fondly known as ‘Kaka’, his films like Amar Prem, Do Raaste, Safar, Sachaa Jhoota, Haathi Mere Saathi completely established him as an icon. Be it romantic or critical roles, the superstar always managed to steal hearts with his absolute heart-warming performances on screen.

One movie which still brings sheer joy and emotions towards the legendary actor cannot possibly be appreciated in words. In the movie, ‘Andaz’ , Rajesh Khanna undoubtedly stole the show by playing the two-scene role and not to forget, the song which makes everyone tap their feet till today by Kishore Kumar ‘ Zindagi ik Safar Hai Suhaana'. The film itself is now known for Khanna and the song.

However, his unbelievable success and hardworking will always be remembered. On 18 July 2012, the cinema had its biggest loss, but even today, no one has captured the industry like him. His existence will always remain irreplaceable. Giving the Bollywood industry innumerable films to cherish, Rajesh Khanna continues to be a legend, winning millions of hearts across the world, and keeping his magic going on forever.