Renuka Shahane: Social media has helped me connect with young people



Renuka Shahane, will be seen on the big screen after a long time with '3 Storeys', has recently emerged as a crusador for social media with her thoughtful posts online. The actress, in an exclusive interview to a leading daily, said that she's liking the experience of being able to express herself on a 'democratic platform'. 

"Social media gives me that kind of space and it makes my fans aware of the way I am as a human being. It has been great. Especially when college kids meet me, the first thing they talk about is, ‘We read your posts. You’ve done a good job in expressing your views and opinions, which is what we feel, but can’t express openly.’

Social media has helped me connect with young people, that might not be familiar with my work," she said. "This platform is democratic. There are extreme views and abusive trolls as well. At the same time, there are people that try to make some sense and perhaps, speak on behalf of those that might not be able to put their own thoughts into words. So many people tell me that, ‘Ye jo aapne kaha, this is exactly the way I feel, but I could not write.’ So, it is that sense of being a representative," added Renuka.

Celebrities can be quite influential because of their importance and power. What people don't realize is that being on social media platforms (twitter, instagram) is also a deterrent towards their name and brand, so to speak. One negative or dispraising tweet (post) from them and then it becomes quite a turbulence for them (wrt their name and image) to ward off because of the mass trolling. Thus, in-spite of this, they choose to connect with their followers and fans. It's truly commendable!  

Here are top 5 Bollywood Celebrities that are very popular on social media: 

* Sonam Kapoor

* Deepika Padukone

* Amitabh Bachchan

* Priyanka Chopra 

* Akshay Kumar