Republic Day: 5 must-watch patriotic movies

From 'Chak De India' to Bhagat Singh, there have been several movies, wherein Bollywood filmmakers portrayed nationalism and enthused the spirit of patriotism among the audience. Here we bring you a list of five such patriotic movies to mark Republic Day. Swades - Movie revolves around the life of a NASA scientist from India who returned to his homeland after a long time just to take his "Dai Maa" along with him to US. However, after reaching here, he realises that his native villagers lack basic amenities. He changes his mind to go back to US and settles here to work serve his country. Lagaan- The movie is set against the backdrop of colonial British Raj in India. Aamir Khan played the role of an oppressed villager, who challenged the Britishers for a Cricket match to avoid taxes. He manages to make a cricket team and goes on to defeat Britishers.

The Legend of Bhagat Singh - Biopic of Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and his companions who sacrificed their lives for their motherland. The movie was rewarded with National, Filmfare and many other awards. Chak De! India- The movie shows religious prejudice and sexism in sports. It's a story of a women's hockey coach Kabir Khan, who manages to fight sexism and prepares a women's team for World Cup. However, the Hockey Association doubts the future of women's hockey and refuses to send the women's team to Australia for the World Cup. Kabir, then asks to arrange a hockey match between men's and women's team. The women's team plays very well and even impresses the men's team. Amazed by the women's performance, the Hockey association agrees to send them to Australia, where the team clinches the World Cup under Kabir's guidance.

Lakshya- Story of a youngster played by Hrithik Roshan, who didn't know what to do in his life. Eventually, he joins Indian Armed Forces as a Lieutenant (later Acting Captain), who leads his team to victory over the Pakistani troops in Kargil war. The movie inspires youngsters to join armed forces.