Resigned and Jobless: Karnataka police officer Facebook post creates storm

The Facebook post of Karnataka police officer Anupama Shenoy has created a storm who was transferred earlier this year for placing a minister's call on hold. The post reads 'resigned and jobless' and has a smiling emoticon.

The police officer was posted as Deputy Superintendent of Police, Kudligi sub-division of Ballari district. She has cited personal reasons behind her resignation from her post. However, according to media reports, the 2010 batch officer's decision to quit came after she had to face protests after she arrested three people for constructing a building for a liquor shop.

The officer was also in the news for taking on liquor and sand mafia in her jurisdiction.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said he had heard about her resignation, but was not aware of the details. "The officers are looking into that. I don't know about it. She has sent her resignation, they say. It has come to the DG - they will look into it," said Siddaramaiah.

Earlier this year in January, the police officer had angered minister PT Parameshwara Naik for placing his call on hold.

Soon after the incident, Mr Nayak was caught on camera, boasting about having her transferred for placing his call on hold. However, after huge outrage, the officer was reinstated in February.

The resignation of the officer has sparked a huge outrage with the Opposition BJP leading the attack on the ruling Congress.