Resort to peaceful means in J&K, urge Gandhians

New Delhi: Expressing their deep concern over the turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir , prominent Gandhians on Saturday cautioned the government over the violence in the state and appealed to the local people to cooperate with the government in identifying militants. In a joint statement, they reminded the central government, the BJP-PDP government and other political parties that no problems are ever resolved by restoring to violent, and it is adherence to peaceful measures that helps. Separatist and terrorist outfits backed by Pakistan and Islamic forces have made the situation deplorable, said the statement jointly issued by Kumar Prashant, Chairman of Gandhi Peace Foundation, Ramchandra Rahi, Secretary of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Anupam Mishra, Editor of the journal Gandhi Marg, and Alaghan Annamalai, Director of National Gandhi Museum. They noted Mahatama Gandhi and Jayaprakash Narayan have always respected Kashmiris in all aspects but on the other hand, it is the fundamental duty of the local people to expose all such forces who are spreading terrorism and causing a divide in the country. They also said that Gandhians will extend their full support to the Kashmiris if they take onto peaceful and non-violent means.