Revealed: Is this the real reason for Salman Khan disliking Arijit Singh?

New Delhi, Feb 19: Is it true that Salman Khan really dislikes Arijit Singh? An otherwise warm Khan, who is known to be very supportive and helpful towards the young and dynamic actors and singers of Bollywood is in no mood to pardon the super-talented singer Arijit Singh. What actually transpired between the two?

According to the latest reports pouring in Salman Khan has asked the makers of Sonakshi Sinha starer 'Welcome to New York' to remove the song sung by Arijit Singh. Arijit had recorded the rough track and this was not okayed by Salman Khan.

According to Spotboye, a source close to the film, said, “Arijit has sung the rough scratch of the track which was to be used in the film. However, Salman was quite miffed and he told the makers, ‘Anyone in the fraternity could croon the track but Arijit.’”


Actually the matter goes back to the days of yore, literally! In an award ceremony, Salman Khan was giving away the awards to the winners. Arijit Singh's name was announced and he walked up to the stage to receive the award from Salman wearing a slipper in a sleepy look. Reacting to Slman Khan's comment that was he sleeping, Arijit defiantly responded that the show was so boring that he fell asleep. This irked the short-tempered Khan no end. And then it was a big no-no from Salman to all his songs. 

Arijit even apologised to Khan from multiple social media platforms, but nothing seemed to have moved Sultan. He was not allowed to sing in Sultan despite his desire to do so. Will this end and two talented individuals come together?