Revealed! This is why Priyanka Chopra met PM Modi in a short dress

New Delhi: Bollywood's famous and leading actress Priyanka Chopra who has a bold and confident persona was in headlines for her 'bare-legged' meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin.

Well, this was news made," some Facebook users told her off for "disrespecting" the PM".The 'Baywatch' actress posted a picture with Modi and thanking him "for taking the time from his packed schedule" to meet her in Berlin.This picture didn't take long to go viral and became a major topic of the conversation as many people commented as an 'insulted gesture' to greet PM.

As her fans had started forgetting the issue, her mother Madhu Chopra spilled the beans and disclosed why actually Priyanka was wearing a short dress. Priyanka got a call from PM Modi's office and she was expected to meet him at a very short notice. She got no time to change her clothes and she was going on a promotional event for Baywatch. So she had no other option than to go and meet the PM in the same outfit. Priyanka just could not afford to miss the big opportunity to meet the PM.

Priyanka was supposed to go for 'Baywatch' promotional event and got a golden chance to meet the Indian prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi.