Review: Kapoor and Sons (Since 1921)

Shakun Batra's Kapoor and Sons is a story about two brothers Rahul (Fawad Khan) and Arjun (Sidharth Malhotra) who are situated in London and New Jersery individually while their family comprising of their parents Harsh (Rajat Kapoor), Sunita (Ratna Pathak Shah) and Daadu (Rishi Kapoor) are settled in Coonoor. After Daadu suffers a heart attack, Rahul and Arjun return to their childhood home. While Daadu is a cheerful character, the strained relation between Harsh and Sunita who are battling with their marriage is very evident. Meanwhile, Rahul and Arjun too have some unsettled issues which go to the fore when they start living together. Tia (Alia Bhatt) turns into a common connection between both the brothers accidentally and frames an extra tension to their effectively strained relationship.

Despite the fact that the film is not especially taking into account one lead, Fawad Khan's performance stands out. As Rahul, a delicate, cherishing "flawless" child with an overwhelming obligation past, he is basically spot on. Sidharth Malhotra is characterised as Arjun (the younger brother) the role played by him doesn't make any significant contribution to the storyline.  Alia Bhatt does her part brilliantly, playing a bubbly and sometimes emotional character. Overall she looks stunning. Rishi, as the wicked grandfather, is charming in most parts, yet turns flat at the end. Also his make-up was quite distracting.

Sagas about dysfunctional families generally tend to fall into the trap of consistency but Kapoor And Sons doesn't. It continues springing little surprises completely through, to such an extent that now and again it is difficult to believe, that this has emerged out of the Karan Johar banner.

Kapoor And Sons is exceptional and sharp as its would see it of human deficiencies however is always entertaining as the desires raised on being the ideal child in an Indian family are superbly told in this film.

Overall, "Kapoor and Sons" is smooth, windy and lovely family drama without any melodrama that ought to click with its intended audiences. It's an amusing emotional movie which you just can not stand to miss.