Right Clothing Tips for Summers

The scorching summer sun can cause you to sweat, get dehydrated and even break out into a heat rash. However, you can prevent some of these problems by dressing properly and wearing the right clothes to beat the heat. Here are 3 tips:

* Opt cotton fabrics: Cotton absorbs the sweat from your body and allows it to evaporate into the air. It works like a towel, wicking the moisture away from your skin and stunting the growth of bacteria and yeast.

* Opt for lighter colours: Colours such as pink, yellow, beige and other light shades keep you cool, because they reflect most of the sun's rays back into the atmosphere.

* Opt for the right clothing styles: The ideal clothing choices for summer are loose pants or long skirts with tops. Loose salwar kameezes are also a good option. The less exposure to the sun, the better for you.