Ringo Starr backs Brexit move

Los Angeles:Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr says that earlier he was a huge fan of the European Union (EU) when it started, but now he supports the Brexit move. Starr has backed Britain's decision to quit the European Union, saying Brexit will allow the country to get back on its own feet, reports mirror.co.uk. "I think it's good. Get back on our own feet. I was a huge fan when the EU started. I've lived all over Europe so I thought 'how great'. But it never really got together, I didn't think. Maybe in a business way, it got together but everyone kept their own flags... it didn't really turn into a love fest,” Starr said. Starr, who lives in Los Angeles, said he rarely returned to Liverpool but he still felt close to his home city. “I don't get back to Liverpool much at all. I get back when I play there and that's about it really,” the 75-year-old said. Asked whether he still felt a close connection to Liverpool, Starr said: "Oh yeah, are you kidding? I came from there. I'm a scouser. I know I haven't lost my accent."