Rs 10 crore special citizens' fund sanctioned in NDMC budget: Arvind Kejriwal

NEW DELHI: A special citizens' fund of Rs 10 crore has been sanctioned in the budget of New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) this year and will be spent according to the wishes of the residents, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Tuesday.

The announcement was made in a meeting with more than 80 Resident welfare associations (RWAs). The chief minister presides over the NDMC meetings by virtue of being the elected representative of the New Delhi assembly constituency.

"Rs 10 crore sanctioned in the NDMC budget would now be spent on the wishes of the citizens of the area. You will be the decision makers of what needs to be done in your area and the priority.

"We are starting this experiment this year with a budget of Rs 10 crore and it will be increased after seeing the results in the first year," Kejriwal said.

During the over an hour-long meeting held at the chief minister's residence, individual problems of residents were discussed.

The norms on how to go about the budget and how to spend the money were also set in the meeting.

According to an official statement, "It was decided unanimously that the General Body of the RWA will decide on the works to be done in their meetings. The General Body Meeting (GBM) will take the decision on the works and budget allocation to different works."

"Before the GBM, notices must be sent to all the residents as well as the NDMC. The NDMC will depute its representative for the meeting. Video recording will also be done of the meetings," it said.