Rs 2 crore hospital made for this Egyptian woman in India..find out why

Mumbai: A 36 years old Egyptian woman who is tipping the scales at about 500kg is ready to set her foot in India.

Saifee Hospital in Mumbai has begun building a special facility hospital for this woman who is scheduled to undergo bariatric surgery.

The 3000 sq ft area of the special hospital comprises of an operation theater, Intensive Care Unit, a doctor's room, an attendant's room, two washrooms and a video conferencing room which is constructed behind the hospital's wing.

Keeping in mind Eman Ahmed's weight and frame, this hospital is reportedly spending Rs 2 crore to build a 'one-bed hospital' with extra wide doors and a 7ft by 7ft bed.

A team of doctors comprising Saifee's consultant bariatric surgeon, a cardiologist, a cardiac surgeon, an endocrinologist, a chest physician, two intensivists, and three anesthetists will operate upon Eman Ahmed and will also be involved in her post-operative care.

SB Industrial Construction company, which is building the new facility, has been given January-end as the deadline to finish the construction work. Site manager Hardeep Singh said nearly 70 per cent work has been completed in the last 10 days.

The 36-year-old, Eman Ahmad Abdulatilives in Alexandria has not left her house for the last 25 years. She touched 500 kg mark at the age of 11. Now she can't move and is unable to even roll over in bed.

According to doctors, she suffers from a gland malfunction and a from a parasite called elephantiasis. The gland problem causes her body to store large amount of water, while the parasite causes extreme swelling. The combination leads to excess weight.

Her problems began at birth, when she weighed 5kg. For moving around she had to crawl, as legs could not support her weight. When she reached 11, she gained even more weight and continued to crawl. She had to leave school, after which she sufffered a cerebral stroke that restricted her to bed. That continues till date. She is looked after her sister and mother, after father died long ago.