In Rs 5 you can meet PM Modi!

New Delhi, Nov 29: Here is a golden chance for you to meet PM Narendra Modi. The best part is that you will not have to work hard or stand in line to meet your favourite leader. All that you have to do is just spend Rs 5.

Thanks, to a new feature in the  Narendra Modi (NaMo) App, which gives you a golden chance to meet PM Modi. The way to meet PM Modi is simple. When you make a donation to BJP via NaMo App, a code is generated. You can send this code to your contacts. You can even donate just Rs 5 and go upto Rs 1000. In case hundred people donate using the code sent by you, you will ten get a chance to meet PM.  
 The idea, according to BJP leaders, is to increase interaction between the common man and PM Modi.
If you get at least 10 people to donate then you can win free t-shirts and coffee mugs.

BJP had recently started concept of small donations via Namo App. In fact, PM Modi, Amit Shah and Sushma Swaraj are among the top BJP leaders who have donated using the App.
“Contributed to @BJP4India, via the ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App.’ I urge you all to contribute to the Party through the App and spread the message of transparency in public life. You can contribute any amount from Rs 5/- to Rs 1000/- via the ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App.,” PM had then tweeted.
News24 Bureau