RSS changes its uniform, opts for trousers as official dress code

Mumbai: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, popularly known as RSS, has finally succumbed to the changing times. In a revolutionary step towards a progressive future, RSS has finally decided to break free from the tradition and amend the 'ganvesh'.

Their decision to bring about a change in the traditional uniform is an attempt undertaken by the RSS to attract the youth of the nation. They feel many shy away from wearing shorts. To encourage wide participation, the Hindu nationalists have incorporated brown trousers into their official dress code.

Although the decision to alter the uniform was underway since 2013, as quoted by a report in Times Of India, the official confirmation on the same was received on March 13, 2016.

In the year 2013, they contemplated about the change but dropped the idea later, as facilitating the change across the nation was a cumbersome task. This discouraged them from formulating the new dress code.

However, in a dire need to promote their brand, RSS had to amend the uniform worn by the cadres. Hence, RSS spokesperson, Bhaiyyaji Joshi officially announced the change from shorts to trousers.

But this is not the first time, RSS has changed its uniform. In 1940's, Khadi shirts were replaced by white shirts. Later, in 1970's brown boots gave way to black shoes. The most recent change was incorporated in 2010 wherein leather belts were replaced by canvas ones.

Since then the issue of bringing about a change in the uniform was initiated. However, the traditional followers feared the identity of the brand and felt that welcoming a change would alter the familiarity of the brand among the masses of the nation.

To ensure the brand does not lose its image, RSS has decided to manifest the change in official presentation. However, during the practice sessions, the cadres can retain onto their shorts. This is a small attempt undertaken by the RSS to retain the brand yet bring in a change.

So, the next time one sees RSS performing, the cadres will be seen in a new avatar. They'll be seen clad in white shirt, brown trousers, black cap and black shoes.

(Written by Ishita Kapai)