RSS, Modi have destroyed country's institutions: Rahul Gandhi

  New Delhi: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the RSS for "undermining every single institution" of the country in the past two and a half years of the NDA rule.

"The Congress in the last 70 years gave respect to institutions, judiciary, RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and the press," Gandhi said at the Jan Vedna convention of the Congress party here.

"But the BJP under Narendra Modi and the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) in the last two and a half years has weakened every single institution that we constructed, including RBI, judiciary, Election Commission," Gandhi said.

"They (Modi and RSS) reversed all this in two and half years," he said.


"Now the country is governed by only two people Narendra Modi and (RSS chief) Mohan Bhagwat," Gandhi said.

Attacking the government, the Congress leader said, "And when people question them, they ask who are you?"

"We want to tell the nation that we will save the institutions of the country," Gandhi said.

Gandhi said only the Congress party will "save the voice" of the country.

Slamming Modi for criticising the schemes of the Congress, Gandhi said, "The Prime Minister has destroyed the spine of the Indian economy. And the PM should be asked why there is a sudden increase in MGNREGA now, which he criticised earlier."

Gandhi also hailed the role of party workers and said: "People from Congress have given their sweat and blood for the country. I want to ask the BJP and their allies if anyone from their parties can say the same?" (IANS)