RSS Vs Left: Mohan Bhagwat hoists flag defying collector's order

New Delhi: RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat was restrained by district collector from hoisting national flag in Palakkad school. Not the one to take it lying low, the BJP challenged his direction.

District Collector argued that it was inappropriate for a political leader to hoist national flag in school. Only a teacher or elected representative can do so. But then the RSS chief had its way. Bhagwat unfurled the Indian tricolour at a government-aided school.

The District Collector and police had told the Karnakeyamen School management near here that since the school was state-supported, only people's representatives or the head of the school could raise the flag and not political personalities.

The school belongs to RSS supporters and they had invited Bhagwat to be the chief guest on India's Independence Day.