Russell Crowe has shed 52 pounds since 'The Nice Guys'

Los Angeles: Actor Russell Crowe has lost 52 pounds of weight since his role in “The Nice Guys” for which he had to beef up. "I was 121.6 kg (268 pounds) the first week of August last year. I did a movie called 'The Nice Guys', so I wanted to be the physical juxtaposition of (actor) Ryan Gosling,” Crowe said on a radio show, reports  Crowe added that he is still "clawing his way back from his higher weight”. On working with Gosling, Crowe said that the actor constantly kept the laughs coming on set, adding that the former made him laugh at inappropriate times more than he ever has in his career.  "That kid is a comic genius. He's great company. He's really smart. He loves what he does and he asks all the right questions. Working with him was such a treat. The kid just knows how to make me laugh. He's very, very funny," he said. “The Nice Guys” is set to hit theaters on May 20.