Russia might use Iran air base again

Moscow: Russia might use Iran's Hamedan airbase again to carry out attacks on terror targets in Syria, authorities said on Wednesday.

Moscow and Tehran would reach agreements on some specific issues soon, including the use of the airbase by the Russian military to strike extremist groups in Syria, Xinhua news agency quoted Vladimir Komoedov, chairman of the Defence Committee, as saying.

An agreement between the two countries over the issue is "only a matter of time", Komoedov said.

Russian bombers took off from the airbase on August 16 for three consecutive days to strike the Islamic State militant group hideouts in Syria.

It was the first time Russia has used the territory of another nation, apart from Syria itself, to launch such strikes since Moscow started a bombing campaign against the IS in September last year.

Earlier this week, Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said the military had accomplished its targets against the IS forces in Syria.