Saince Health Tech launches prescription app

Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based Saince Health Tech on Wednesday launched an innovative mobile-based prescription app RapidR. This app along with a web portal ( will enable physicians to prescribe medicines electronically in any type of care setting such as a hospital, clinic or even tele-medicine. Saince Health Tech is a subsidiary of Saince, Inc., a US-based award winning company that focuses on intersecting the practice of medicine with information technology. "The unique feature of this application is the accessibility of a first-ever comprehensive database of over 26,800 licensed drugs sold in India. It enables doctors to write prescriptions in a few seconds," said Raghuvir Vedantham, President, and CEO Saince Health Tech. The app minimises medication errors, a leading cause of prescription-related complications. "Our goal is to push its adoption to doctors and patients," he said. The app will help a registered doctor and patient to keep track of all prescriptions including the history leading to better utilisation of harmful drugs and minimise side effects. RapidR is a result of collaboration among developers, physicians, and experts in healthcare. Funded by internal accruals, Saince will continue to invest in its further development to add many more features to its seamless functions and applicability, Raghuvir said.