Salman insulted? This man rejected Salman's offer worth crores

New Delhi, Feb 13: Today, who has the courage to refuse an offer by Salman Khan? We can think no one can. But a horse owner refused Salman's offer worth 2 crores.

The actor offered Rs 2 Crore to purchase a unique horse named Saqab owned by Siraj Pathan. The horse is very unique because only two other horses in the world can do what it does.

Reportedly, the horse can walk at a speed of 43kmph in clean Ravel walk and can keep the same pace throughout so that it doesn’t uncomfort the rider. This is something surprising in the history of horses.

The owner bought this horse when it was five-year-old paying Rs 14.5 lac in Rajasthan’s Palotara Fair. Saqab is originally a Sindhi breed, his mother was of the Pakistani-Sindhi breed, whereas its father was from the Rajasthani-Sutharwali breed. It has won 19 straight races.