Salman is VERY angry with Arshi Khan

New Delhi, Oct 29: Equation between contestants inside the Bigg Boss 11 house are changing rapidly soon after the entry of Priyank Sharma. Youl can witness in tonight's episode the big entry of Gauhar Khan and Salman getting angry with some contestants and scolding them. 

Meanwhile, Salman lost his temper at Arshi and slammed her for disturbing him while hosting the task. 

Tonight's episode will also see a fight between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta. Vikas teases Shinde that due to her flipping nature, she is alone in life and in return Shilpa taunts him by taking Parth Samthaan's name.

Here are the highlights of the show: 

10:26 PM: Salman Khan bids a goodbye to the weekend ka vaar episode.

10:22 PM: Salman Khan declares Sapna Choudhary to be the winner of the round and also announces her to be safe.

10:21 PM: Salman Khan asks two contestants to help Sapna and Pooja in their Sultani Akhada round. Luv helps Pooja and Hiten helps Sapna.

10:13 PM: Sapna Choudhary says that singing without sur taal is not entertainment

10:10 PM: Salman Khan slams Arshi Khan for disturbing him while hosting the task.

10:08 PM: Salman Khan explains the two the rules of Sultani Akhada round.

10:01 PM: It's time for Sultani Akada round. Salman nominates Pooja and Sapna for the task.

10:00 PM: Salman Khan jokes with Dhinchak Pooja and informs her that Parineeti Chopra and Tabu are her fans. He then requests her to sing Dilon Ka Shooter for them

9:57 PM: Salman rates Akash as hit, Shilpa Shinde as Superhit and Hina Khan as Blockbuster.

9:52 PM: The Golmaal Again team visits the house again. Ajay Devgn, Parineeti Chopra, Rohit Shetty and Tabu come to celebrate the success of their film on the show. They give a task to rate themselves on Superhit, Blockbuster, Hit.

9:50 PM: Salman Khan declares that Akash Dadlani is also safe from nomination.

9:48 PM: Salman Khan jokes that it is Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde's strategy to continuously fight onscreen to stay in the game.

9:46 PM: Salman Khan declares Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta safe.

9:43 PM: Gauahar Khan hands over the special power to Akash Dadlani. He gets the nomination suraksha kavach.

9:41 PM: Gauahar Khan talks to Akash Dadlani and tells him to control her madness.

9:39 PM: Shilpa Shinde talks to Vikas Gupta and he tells her that he doesn't need this power. He tells her that he is not very popular. I will surely win the game I know.

9:37 PM: Gauahar Khan asks Hina Khan never go on any one's family and don't retaliate. Hina questions her what if people go on their parents

9:36 PM: Next on Gauahar Khan's list are the Padosis and she tells them that they are not even seen on the show.

9:34 PM: Gauahar Khan teases Puneesh and Bandagi Kalra that they don't have any opinion in the house. She tells them that they don't have any opinion.

9:33 PM: Arshi Khan goes first and she tries to convince Gauahar Khan why she should stay in the house.

9:32 PM: Gauahar Khan enters the house with a briefcase which has a special power. She will give a special power to one contestant if he or she manages to convince that they deserve to stay in the game.

9:31 PM: Salman Khan calls Luv Tyagi's performance as a complete failure

9:30 PM: Vikas Gupta proclaims that Luv Tyagi didn't punish the housemates who didn't follow the house rules.

9:29 PM: Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan defend their decision to nominate Pooja as the worst performer.

9:27 PM: Salman Khan questions Luv Tyagi's performance as the Sanchalak

9:25PM: Salman Khan mocks Dhinchak Pooja and comes up with a instant rap song for Pooja.

9:21PM: Sapna Choudhary and Vikas Gupta get into a war of words as Salman Khan tries to make sense of this fight

9:19 PM: Salman Khan points out that Sapna Choudhary hasn't been doing too well either & should focus on doing so

9:18 PM: Salman gives Sapna Choudhary a piece of mind that. He reminds her that she once told Arshi that as she is not getting married inside the house it would be better she has a fake marriage.

9:16 PM: Housemates nominate Dhinchak Pooja as the worst performer.

9:11 PM: Their fight escalates and Vikas Gupta even taunts her by Romit Raj's name with whom she was once engaged.

9:10 PM: Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta once again got into a scuffle. Vikas taunts Shilpa that because of her nature she has always been alone in life. Shilpa loses her cool and teases him with Parth Samthaan's name.

9:02 PM: Salman Khan makes his BIG entry on stage