Salman Khan makes Pakistan shiver in fear

New Delhi: There is a bad news for Salman Khan's Pakistani fans, as 'Bhaijaan' will not be able to give them Eidi. The Eidi was supposed to come in form of the release of his latest film 'Tubelight' which is expected to shatter all box office records.

Salman Khan and Eid make a deadly combination and the distributors know this. And this is exactly the reason that Tubelight will not be released on the scheduled date in Pakistan. Actually, two Pakistani films 'Yalghaar' and 'Shor Sharaba' are also scheduled to get released during the same week of 'Tubelight'. And the filmmakers of these films know that if 'Tubelight' is also released on the same day, their two movies will sink without a whimper.

So Pakistan does not wnt to take any chance, Hirachand Dand, President of the Indian Film Exporters Association reportedly said. Salman Khan's popularity has proved to be his enemy in Pakistan.

Real life brothers Salman and Sohail are playing reel life brothers in 'Tubelight' which is based on Hollywood movie 'Little Boy'.