Salman's girlfriend ditches him, marries this bearded man

New Delhi, Feb 2: This news will leave all Salman Khan fans shattered. Yes, Iulia Vantur, the rumored girlfriend of Salman Khan has ditched him. Iulia has married a bearded man instead because she says that she really loves bearded men. This happened live on camera and therefore it cannot be denied. Now you must know the whole story.

Actually it all happened on the sets of The Voice India Kids. In the show Jai Bhanushali asked Iulia whom does she want to marry. The cutouts of Salman Khan, Ranveer Singh and Rabir Singh were put. In a stylish manner Iulia ignored all the three handsome hunks and instead she put the garland around Jai's neck. She said that she really likes bearded men.

And what did you think?