Sania Mirza feels Parineeti Chopra can play her best as they're 'blessed in chest area'

New Delhi: Neha Dhupia ensures in her talk show 'No filter Neha' that she makes celebs talk in the most candid and 'bindaas' manner.  You seldom see such candid confessions on Indian Television.  

In this interactive session with Neha Dhupia, Parineeti Chopra shared an interesting incident about her bff and tennis sensation, Sania Mirza, "You know that's how we became friends because she in some interview said 'I would like Parineeti to play me in my biopic' and I remember she was playing the US Open and she called me from there in the middle of the night at 2-3'o clock in the morning. She called me and said 'Hi this is Sania Mirza, she said 'I just wanna say that you know I have given an interview yesterday and it's all over the country and its all on front pages and I felt it was my responsibility to tell you , why it all happened' and I said ya but that's really sweet of you like to say that. She said, 'You look like me and you know we all are blessed in the chest area and I think you will look most like me' and I said 'oh thanks buddy' and we have been friends ever since and she tells me I'm the only actor she is friends with you know."