Sara Ali Khan's Role an inspiration from Hema Malini!

The cast and crew members of Abhishek Kapoor's Kedarnath describe lead actor Sara Ali Khan as a silent listener, eager to learn the ropes of filmmaking on the sets of her debut outing.


Interestingly, her character in the film will be at sort of confused as in she plays a priest's daughter, that falls for a pithoo, Sara has drawn inspiration from Hema Malini's iconic character, Basanti, from Sholay (1975).


According to a crew member, "It is wonderful to see how Sara is pulling off this role. She is a happy-go-lucky girl, who speaks in Hindi and English. She is loud, talkative and chirpy; someone who doesn't let anyone get a word in when she's talking. This is exactly how Basanti was."


Khan's attire too will reflect her boisterous nature, with vivid shades defining her wardrobe. "Her clothes are as bright as wedding attire. Her character's moods reflect in the colour palette -- from light blues and subtle shades early in the film, to loud and brighter hues later, when she is in a happier place."


Here are two pics of hers from the movie: