SC strictly tells media not to use images of rape victims even if blurred

New Delhi, August 2, News24 Bureau:  Supreme Court has come down heavily on media and has given a clear instruction. It has restrained the media from telecasting images and videos of minor rape victims even in blurred and morphed form. Court also expresses concern over identity of child rape victims being revealed by media. It has further asked media as to how the media has revealed their identities.Supreme Court took suo moto cognizance of  Muzaffarpur shelter home case. The court issued a notice to Bihar Govt and Centre and sought a detailed reply from themThe Supreme Court has taken a suo moto cognizance of the Muzaffarpur shelter home rape cases. A notice has been issued to the Bihar government and Centre and sought a detailed reply from them.Muzaffarpur Shelter Home Rape case is one of the most shameful incidents in recent times which shames humanity. Innocent and orphan girls who had nowhere to go looked up to these so-called guardians at shelter homes, because they were all they knew. And how mercilessly their trust was betrayed.More than 34 girls were sexually assaulted in this shelter home in Muzaffarpur. Fresh medical reports are confirming the rape of five more girls. And it won't be shocking if the list grows longer.Intensive investigations had revealed that the girls were regularly given sedatives in the name of de-worming tablets before they were sexually assaulted. And the torture did not stop here, the girls were then sexually assaulted by those whom these shelter home organisers wanted to oblige. This included many big-wigs of the society, including politicians.During their medical examination, many girls have said that they were given the deworming tablets every night after dinner, after which they would soon go to sleep. And few could remember what happened with them after that. But they got up to body pains and other physical problems in the morning.In last few months lots of cases where minor girls have been raped have come to light. The Kathua rape victim's picture was published then and the ciurt had instruted that the pictures of the victim should not be published. After that the media had started using blurred pics of victims.With Agencies