See Kangana's Rs 300,000,000 home with 8 bedroooms

New Delhi, Jan 12: Kangna Ranau lives life Queen-Size, literally. She was in news all over for her magnificent bungalow, with 8-bedrooms and all having a step-out balconies. This English-style bungalow is going to be one of the best possessions of Kangana in her home state. She has bought this bungalow in Manali. So it certainly is going to be owner's pride an neighbour's jealousy.

The bungalow has a glass-top conservatory. According to reports, she bought the bungalow for Rs 10 crore and then over the years she invested Rs 20 crore on luxury and latest features.

This can be called a bungalow wth some real-hard earned money.