See mouth-watering Kasmhiri delicacies on Sehat Ki Rasoi

New Delhi, Sep 21, News24 Bureau: Don't forget to see this episode of Sehat Ki rasoi which has an elaborate detail on the Kashmiri mouth watering delicacies.

"Gar Firdaus Baru Ye Zaminast,Haminastu..Haminastu..haminastu.." ( if there is paradise on earth somewhere, it is here, it is here) These were the lines written by poet Amir Khusrau about the beautiful Kashmir, with its lovely people, the aweinspiring natural beauty and definitely the delicious cuisines.
With many influences on the valley, from the central Asia, Persia, Middle east and Afghanistan, the Kashmiri cuisine especially the Kashmiri Pandits' cuisines is a blend of many cultures.
Use of curd, saffron, ginger powder and local vegetables predominates . Besides the use of mutton on the dining table, Kashmiris eat lotus stems, Rajma, Haak Saag a special variety of spinach that is only available there, brinjal and also eat a lot of Paneer cooked with milk and saffron and do abundant use of ginger powder( Sonth), Heeng and Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder.
A typical Kashmiri feast is called the 'Wazwan' and its spread out in a 'Taraami' a huge platter. Use of Onions and Garlic is uncommon in Kashmiri cuisine.

Kashmiri cuisine is all about slow cooking. Fresh locally available vegetables, which are mildly flavoured, can be the signature style of the vegetarian cuisine of Kashmiri Pandits. On Sept 21st, Mrs Nalini Sadhu joins the Sehat Ki Rasoi kitchen with Geetika Ganju and churns out two typical dishes which are simple and easy to make,Alu Chaman and Tamatar Baingan, on the twin channels, News24 & E24 Channels.