Segment Kings: March 2016 Car Sales

The Indian automotive market recently saw the arrival of an all-new hatchback, the redi-GO. The baby Datsun will take on the Kwid and the Alto 800 which, sales-wise, held the first and sixth spot in March. To challenge such established names is an enormous task, especially for a brand which hasn't had the best start in the Indian market.

How will the redi-GO fare against the champions? Only time will tell. For now, let's have a look at the top ten cars (in terms of unit sales) for March and compare them to February 2016 rankings.

  March 2016 February 2016
Rank Brand Car Brand Car
1 Maruti Alto Maruti Alto
2 Maruti Swift Dzire Maruti Swift Dzire
3 Maruti WagonR Maruti Swift
4 Maruti Swift Maruti WagonR
5 Hyundai Elite i20 Hyundai Elite i20
6 Renault Kwid Hyundai i10 Grand
7 Hyundai i10 Grand Hyundai Creta
8 Maruti Celerio Renault Kwid
9 Hyundai Creta Mahindra Bolero
10 Maruti Omni Maruti Omni

The top two spots are still with the Alto and the Swift Dzire. The WagonR, on the other hand, has made a jump from the fourth to the third position. The Kwid has jumped two spots to become the sixth most selling car, while the Creta has dropped down by two spots and now sits on the ninth position. Also, with the Celerio’s entry, the Bolero has been forced to retire from the list. Maruti has six entries in the top ten, with Hyundai in the second position with three. Sadly enough, Renault finished last with the Kwid as its sole entry. These are the top standings for March. Now let's have a segment-wise look at how these cars fare against others in the same bracket.

A & B1 Segments

Rank Brand Car Units Sold
1 Maruti Alto 22,101
2 Maruti WagonR 14,577
3 Renault Kwid 9,743
4 Maruti Celerio 8,859
5 Hyundai Eon 5,460

In comparison to last month, the top three standings remain the same, but the bottom two positions have interchanged and the Celerio has overtaken the Eon to grab the fourth spot. With just over 650 sales, the Datsun Go has secured the final position among the nine cars in the segment.

B2 Segment Hatchbacks

Rank Brand Car Units Sold
1 Maruti Swift 14,524
2 Hyundai i20 (Elite+Active) 10,647
3 Hyundai i10 Grand 9,544
4 Maruti Baleno 6,236
5 Mahindra KUV100 5,157

 It’s not surprising that the top five ranks in the B2 segment hatchbacks remain exactly the same as in February 2016. Swift’s popularity in the market is still unbeaten. Maruti and Hyundai still hold two spots each, while Mahindra only has one with the KUV100. The Mahindra Vibe did not perform and managed even fewer sales than the Abarth Punto, resting at the last spot.

C1 & C2 Segment Sedans

Rank Brand Car Units Sold
1 Maruti Swift Dzire 17,796
2 Honda City 5,662
3 Maruti Ciaz 5,480
4 Honda Amaze 5,223
5 Hyundai Xcent 3,761

The top position is still held by the Dzire, but the second and third positions have been interchanged. The City has outsold the Ciaz and even the Amaze has managed to outsell the Xcent to grab the fourth spot. Well done, Honda!

D Segment Sedans

Rank Brand Car Units Sold
1 Toyota Corolla Altis 584
2 Skoda Octavia 262
3 Volkswagen Jetta 245
4 Toyota Camry 138
5 Chevrolet Cruze 108

The Toyota Camry has made an entry and it will lead to the retirement of the Elantra. The Cruze has dropped to the fifth spot from third, and the Jetta has jumped a spot to grab the third position.

Utility Vehicles

Rank Brand Car Units Sold
1 Hyundai Creta 8,163
2 Maruti Omni 7,245
3 Mahinda Bolero 6,211
4 Maruti EECO 5,651
5 Maruti Vitara Brezza 5,563

This segment witnessed the entry of the Maruti Vitara Brezza at the fifth spot, and it removed a fellow Maruti, the Ertiga, from the list. Also, the Omni overtook the Bolero and now sits at the second spot.

For a better understanding of the Indian automotive market, you could read the sales summary for the previous month, i.e. February 2016, here. Comment below and tell us which car you think deserves to be at the top spot in its segment. Drive happy, drive safe.


Segment Kings: March 2016 Car Sales