Sensational..Page 3 woman with 11-year younger boyfriend murders diplomat husband

New Delhi: She is 40. He is 29. She is a Page 3 celebrity wife of a diplomat. He is a young police officer. Both fell in love and had illicit relations. Husband was a stumbling block. Bothe lovers hatched a conspiracy and killed him in sensational well planned murder.

Greece's ambassador to Brazil, Kyriakos Amiridis, 59,was murdered. The plot was hatched by his Brazilian wife and her military police officer lover. This was revealed by police in Rio de Janeiro. Police officials said that the lover has confessed to the crime.

Amiridis was on a vacation with his wife Francoise De Souza Oliveira in the north of Rio de Janeiro since December 21. They were to return to capital Brasilia on January 9. Amridis was missing since Monday, and his wife had then told police that he had left the Rio apartment they were staying in, and had taken the rental car and not returned. On Thursday, a burnt car with charred body of the ambassador was recovered just outside Rio.

The police said that Oliveira’s lover Sergio Gomes Moreira Filho has claimed he killed the ambassador in self-defense and then recruited his cousin to help dispose of the body. "He (Moreira) says he got into a physical fight with the ambassador, and he had no choice other than to hit the ambassador and kill him," police said. "He says he was in desperation and didn't know what to do, given what had happened, so he asked a cousin (Eduardo Moreira de Melo) for help and they went to make the ambassador's body disappear,” police official added.

Oliveira and Moreira, both admitted to having an affair, police said.

Wife has denied that she was part of the murder, saying her lover was author of the murder. But, the lover’s cousin told police she knew of the crime. The lover had offered his cousin $25,000 for disposing the body. The amount was to be paid after 30 days, as they had hoped by then the matter would have died down. The ambassador was first murdered and then his body was taken outside Rio in the car, which was burnt to make it look like an accident.

All three accused are under arrest for 30 days, police said. Oliviera’s family has said that the couple never fought.