Shah Rukh Khan agrees to alter the 'objectional' scene in Zero

New Delhi, Dec 19: Shah Rukh Khan's yet to be released film Zero is all set to hit the theater. And, fans can't wait anymore. The film stars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. However, the film landed in legal troubles a few days back soon after a complainant raised objection against a scene in which SRK is holding ‘Gatra Kirpan’ (Article of Sikh Faith). 

Soon, several members from the Sikh community protested and raised objection against the scene and claimed that the scene hurt the sentiments of the entire community.According to a report in Times Now, SRK has finally agreed to alter the scene. While, previously the team of Zero had claimed that SRK is holding a sword and not a Gatra Kirpan but keeping in view of the increasing agitation among the members of the Sikh community against the scene, SRK probably thought that it is best to delete that scene instead of facing their wrath.The report further suggested that the Kirpan will be removed digitally with a sword to ensure that the community doesn't have any objection.