Shila Dawre, the first Indian woman to become an auto-driver

New Delhi, March 8: When an 18-year-old Shila Dawre took the decision to leave her parents' home in Parbhani district to go to Pune, she only had Rs 12 in her hand and big dreams in her eyes. No more was Shila going to be told that her aspirations were worthless and driving was not a profession girls from good households ventured into. Not in the era of 1980s.

Recorded in the Limca Book of World Records as the first woman auto-rickshaw driver in the country, Shila Dawre never in her life imagined to become trailblazer to women who dreamt of driving auto-rickshaws but restrained themselves because it was a male-dominated sphere.

“I never took up the profession to make a record, In fact I was unaware of the Limca Book Records bestowing the title upon me, until I was approached by people,” she says in a video interview with Pune-based She is associated with them to encourage women to take up the profession of driving.

News24 salutes the big dreams of Shila Dawre on Women's Day. Watch her video: