Shocking! A 16-yr-old girl married off to a 65-yr-old sheikh

New Delhi: In a shocking incident reported from Hyderabad a 65-year-old sheikh Ahmed from Oman married a 16-year-old girl. The incident caught media attention when the girl's mother Syeeda Unnisa lodged a complaint with the Falakunuma police pleading the girl be brought back to India from Muscat.

The sheikh had met the family before Ramazan but they had refused to marry their daughter to such an elderly man. But Unnisa complained that her sister Ghousia and her husband Sikandar have cheated her and got her daughter married to the sheikh. Despite their refusal Sikander got a qazi to perform their nikah at a hotel at Barkas. The girl and her family are residents of Nawab Saheb Kunta. According to the aggrieved mother, money has exchanged hands and the sheikh now refuses to return the girl. He wants his 5 lakhs back if the girl is to be returned at all. 

Unnisa said in the complaint filed with the police, "The sheikh is saying he had bought my daughter for Rs 5 lakh. He said this was paid to Sikander. Only if this amount is paid, he said he would send my daughter back to India."  The sheikh lived with her married bride in a hotel for four days before leaving for Oman. After his departure Sikandar made arrangements for ticket and visa an sent the girl off to Oman. He had allegedly showed lots of videos of the lavish lifestyle to the minor girl and lured her into marrying the old sheikh.