Shocking! Salman Khan insults Katrina for new girl Warina

New Delhi, Feb 7: A tweet by Salman shocked his friends a couple of days back where he said, 'ladki mil gayi'. Now one can imagine how the imaginations soared. Everyone thought that finally Salman Khan got the love of his life and finally Bhaijaan will now settle down. But then Sultan cleared the confusion himself when he said that the girl that he got was for the debut film of his brother -n law Aayush Sharma Loveratri.

Actually earlier the girl supposed to star against Aayush was Katrina's sister Isabelle. oes the name ring a bell? Salman had earlier supported her debut film Canadian project Dr Cabbie, which was unable to crack the nut. 

So is Katrina angry with Salman? Doesn't seem like because Katrina respects all decisions of Salman. And Salman Khan will also not disappoint her as rumour mills are agog with the news that Salman Khan will produce a film which will star Isabelle and Suraj Barjatya.