SHocking! Two Bollywood actresses on Pornhub list!

New Delhi, Jan 13: This piece of news will shock you. India is the third largest traffic provider to Porhub. This shows how the likness for Bollywood also spills into their bedrooms. The wild world of fantasy has a very close relation will Bollywood. Ever since adult star Sunny Leone has made it to Bollywood, its tryst with wild fantasy has known no bounds. This is an easy guess since Sunny is the most searched Bollywood star for obvious reasons. 

The report released ny Pornhub shows that searches for celebrity sex videos saw a 160 per cent surge. While the most searched celebrity name that emerged on top was Sunny Leone’s, the second was that of Mia Khalifa. News of her coming in Bigg Boss 11 and her bagging a role in a Malayalam film may be the reasons behind it. The third name will surely shock you. The third name is that of Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif. Shocking, isn't it? Recently her film with superstar Salman Khan has been declared a block-buster s the film has entered into  Rs 300 crore club.