Shocking: Two year girl dies after biting a chilli

Gnawing into a chilli pod is sufficiently excruciating, yet it can have much more serious outcomes than a blazing tongue and watery eyes. According to a report in the Times of India, a two-year old girl from Delhi died after she accidently took a bite of a red-chilli. The helpless girl reportedly vomited many times, as a result of which the gastric fluids entered the wind pipe, choking her. Doctors said it is conceivable that gastric liquids or vomit suctioned into the windpipe of the toddler and choked her. Though the doctors at a local hospital managed to revive herinitially, she reportedly died within 24 hours. This unconventional incident happened a couple of months before, and the unusual case made its way into the Medico-Legal journal because of the unique conditions of the incident. Dr. Chittaranjan Behera, the autopsy surgeon told the English daily that though aspiration of gastric contents resulting in death due to respiratory failure was not uncommon, however, a case involving an accidental bite of a chilli is rarely reported in medical-legal literature.

(By:Neetu Gaur Sharma)