Shocking video..Nigerian tied with pole and beaten with sticks

New Delhi: A video of a shocking incident has gone viral in the social media where a Nigerian national tied to a post and being thrashed by mob for allegedly committing theft in Malviya Nagar Delhi last month, news agency ANI reported on Monday. 

The Nigerian national was caught inside the resident of  Krishna Kumar in the early hours of the day on September 24. After which he was badly wounded and barely conscious later handed over to the police that day.

The attackers in the video are seen hitting the man with stout sticks and shouting to beat him further.

The violence against Africans across Delhi-NCR have been reported earlier too in recent years, Earlier to this incidence, a mob attacked two African students at a mall in Greater Noida on the unverified suspicion that they traded drugs. A few days later, a group of men pulled a Kenyan woman out of an auto and assaulted her.