Shocking Video..Watch what Saudi women are doing

Riyadh: Three women covering their hair and face with black niqabs break all sterotypes as they skateboard down a street while their scarves flowing behind them.

“May all men sink into oblivion” and “If only God would rid us of men” plays as the women parade down the street in vibrant outfits on scooters and skates, which are normally all taboo for women in Saudi Arabia.

The music video spread like a fire on social media, viewed more than three million times since it was uploaded on YouTube two weeks ago, and has urged people to debate over the role of Saudi women.

Directed by Majed al-Essa at 8ies Studios (pronounced 80s), the women covered nearly from head to toe, play basketball, wear neon-coloured sneakers and dance with confidence that seems to dismiss the men who look on. The two men in the video who are dressed up in traditional Saudi garb, wag their fingers as the women skate down the street.

Many social media posts applauded the message in the video, including commentary from dozens of Saudi women who shared the video on Twitter.

Former wife of a Saudi prince Ameerah al-Taweel, has long been an advocate for women’s rights, shared the clip with her 1.4 million followers.

The video with ladies dressed up in bright colours points a finger at the restrictions women face in Saudi Arabia. The society essentially  prohibits women from travelling, marrying or attending college without permission from a male relative, who is called their guardian.


Watch the video below,