Shocking..Al Qaeda terrorist in Delhi to train Rohingyas

New Delhi, Sep 18: In a major breakthrough Delhi Police arrested an al-Qaeda operative,  from east Delhi. Shauman Haq, 27, was arrested near Vikas Marg on Sunday following a tip-off by Delhi Police's Special Cell. Shauman Haq, 27, is a Bangladeshi-British al-Qaeda terrorist and has travelled to South Africa and Syria before joining  al-Qaeda, Haq, whose real name is Shami Ur Rahman, allegedly came to India to train Rohingya Muslims. He is an expert hacker and trained in the use of arms and ammunition. Before coming to India Haq has radicalised several Rohingyas Muslims living as refugees in Bangladesh. A pistol, four cartridges, a laptop, and foreign banknotes have been seized from Haq. He was carrying a Kishanganj (Bihar) voter ID. His arrest coincides with Centre's affidavit in the Supreme Court saying that Rohingyas are a national security threat as some of the Muslim Rohingyas are working for Pakistan's ISIS, ISIS and al-Qaeda  Recently al-Qaeda had said that India was its top priority  "top priority, after American and Israeli targets," and threatened to target, what it called "Hindu separatist" oraganisation. It had also pledged to target the "leadership" of India's military, police and "secret agencies," and specifically, "those officers of the Indian military who have the blood of our Kashmiri brothers on their hands." News24Bureau/Agencies