Shocking..This Bollywood actress was a victim of 'Triple Talaq'!

Prachi Bhardwaj, New Delhi: It was a historic moment for India as the Supreme Court finally scrapped the well established Islamic practice of Triple Talaq.

This practice empowered Muslim men to give instant oral divorce to their Wife which was legitimate earlier. While countless people have become victim to it, few know that an actress of Bollywood was also one of them to endure.

Veteran actress Meena Kumari who was also known as the 'Tragedy Queen' of Bollywood, tied knot with director Kamal Amrohi on the basis of Islamic customs.

After sometime, the star couple started having problems and one day in a fit of fury, Kamal shouted 'Talaq' three times which resulted in dissolution of their marriage. While the actress suffered and slipped into depression, Kamal realised his mistake and wanted to marry Meena Kumari again.

Another Islamic practice named Halala states that a divorcee can re-wed her ex-husband only if she is married to someone else after her divorce.

Kamal thus requested Zeenat Aman's father, Amaan Ullah Khan who was his friend to marry Meena Kumari. Following a month long marriage, Amaan gave divorce to Meena and the actress married Kamal again.

Apparently, Meena Kumari has expresed her pain which she confronted due to this practice in a heartfelt poem too.