Shocking..Unable to pay fees, boy commits suicide

Lucknow, Sep 19 In a tragic incident, a Class IX student in Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh hanged himself from a tree after being punished and humiliated by school teachers and staff for not being able to deposit the fees in time, police said. The deceased boy, Robin, 14, came from a poor family and had not been able to pay the fees for the last few months, a police official said. On being punished by teachers, who would make him stand on one leg in the sun, and sustained reprimands, the boy had started skipping school for the past few days. However, when his mother promised to pay the fees on Tuesday, he went to school but the fees could not be deposited and he was thrown out of the class by the teacher. On his way back home from school, he hanged himself from a roadside tree, the police said. They have since lodged a case against the management and staff of Aman Children's High School, Pilibhit, where Robin studied. A police official told IANS that a case had been registered for abetment of suicide under Section 306 of the IPC. Vishal, the elder brother of the deceased, told the police that Robin was keeping to himself for the past few days and was depressed due to the ill treatment at school. Robin's father died long ago and his mother works as a cook at a government school and earns Rs 1,000 a month.