Should Good Movies be Remade?

            Every-time your favourite director puts out a movie on screens, the excitement is unexplainable and it captivates your entire world! Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we perceive things. They transport us to other places, they open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our life-time, they are a mirror towards our mortality. Albeit you are familiar with the narration style of your favourite director, their dialogue deliveries, their pace, their choice lyrics of their songs, their level of connection with the audience, however,  with every new movie you expect a new thought to permeate through our understanding of life. It’s the charm of wanting to hear a new story, also to evaluate if they’ve gotten better at their craft. However, when movies are re-made, it kind of becomes a boring thought. Remaking a previously hit film is like putting your child up for adoption. You should only do it if you need money, and even then it’s a big tragedy (hope the sarcasm here is evident!). Here are two reasons, according to me, why movies shouldn’t be remade:



                Firstly, it lacks creativity! The trend of remaking movies that have done well previously takes away from the credibility of writers and directors. They don’t come off as creative at all. Either just the climax or the plot is a bit twisted to give it the appeasement that Hindi speaking people relate to or they are simply copied to the exact. In the world of “instant” everything these days (instant coffee, instant tea, fast food) people are rummaging for newness in their lives. They don’t want to give the time or effort towards investing in a storyline they already have watched. The thrill is gone! They want to look forward to a unique story each time they walk into the theatres. Thus, it’s a serious drawback for the movie industry.

                Secondly, there isn’t a guarantee for success. Most of them aren’t successful films. Bollywood thrives on yielding more and more movies, although half of them might be flops. Production houses walk a fine line, according to analysts, between making money and bagging the interest of their audiences - thus they choose to make remakes because there’s a reference point for audiences in them. Since there are zilch marketing charges required (as the first movie has carved the path for the series), film-makers often lose focus on presentation and enticement. Even the Bollywood films of the past are remade with the belief that they would be able to create the same miracle that the movie did years back but they flop; sometimes more badly than the other.

                Thus, movies are remade purely due to name-recognition and an existing audience – which means good money! It peeves me that a well made Hollywood movie is remade to make money because they can be featured in other countries with dubbings! It often tarnishes the sanctity of moviemaking, it makes them almost sterilized and uninteresting. Thus good movies should be watched again and again, shouldn’t be made again and again.