Shraddha's SECRET date with HIM!

New Delhi, Jan 9: Shraddha and Farhan’s on-screen chemistry created a huge buzz when the musical drama released in 2016. Also, rumors about them staying together had also circled around.

On Farhan Akhtar's birthday today, Shraddha Kapoor who was Farhan’s co-star in Rock On 2 took to Twitter and wrote, “Happy birthday @FarOutAkhtar !!! Have a fabulous one!”

However, addressing the living-in story, Shraddha said, “Yes, I am living in… with my parents! I was born and brought up in this house. It’s a joke within the family that I will bring my husband home (laughs). It’s because I’m so happy living with my family. I have a house of my own where I have my meetings and keep my extra stuff. I have no intention of moving out of my parents’ home and moving into my own apartment, let alone someone else’s! About live-in relationships in general, I believe in live and let live. If it suits somebody and someone is happy, then it’s totally fine -to each his own.”

She also added, "The level of fiction can go to incredible heights. I choose to ignore them and just focus on my work."