Shubh Mahurat for Janmashtami Puja, don't miss!

Prachi Bhardwaj, New Delhi: Hindus and devotees over the world are preparing for an upcoming propitious festival-Janmashtami. The celebration marks the birth of Lord Krishna as it is believed that he was born on the eighth day or Ashtami of the sacred month which as per the Hindu Lunar calendar is called Shravana. 

The legend behind Lord Krishna's birth and his ascendancy over foes is what makes Hindu Katha one of the most adored tales. Aside from his fights, Indian kids must have heard various stories of Chhota Krishan from their elders. Be it Maakhan Chori or his activities against insidious, Lord Krishna has supporters everywhere throughout the world. 

On the devout occasion of Janmashtami, devotees offer prayers in temples and prepare 56 bhog for their dearest divinity followed by ritual fasting for the day. 

According to Smarta Sampradaya, this year Janmashtami falls on 14th August. In any case, Vaishanava Sampradaya followers would be commending the celebration on 15th August. Here are further points of interest:

Vedic Puja Time: 12:03 a.m to 12:47 a.m The mid night moment of the Nishita phase: 12:25 a.m On 15th, The Parana Time (Time to open fast): After 5:39 p.m Ashtami Tithi End Time: 5:39 p.m